What if Eleanor’s spirit of dignity & fairness lived in all of us today?

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

You’re invited to our inaugural launch event


A full day workshop & live experience

May 11, 9:30am-6pm at Public Access Television Station: LTV, East Hampton
With optional early morning yoga at 7:30 AM and breakfast at 8 AM

We will start with a celebration of Eleanor Roosevelt, followed by an address by Blanche W. Cook (author of the biography trilogy Eleanor Roosevelt).

We will move into roundtable discussions around Peace, Gender and Economic Equality, Environmental Stewardship and Non-traditional relationship, led by leaders and novices alike. Details & presenters in schedule.

We will close the day with creative workshops that help us to tap into a new future inspired by Eleanor. Details & presenters in schedule.

BREAKFAST AND LUNCH will be provided.

Additionally, HOSH Yoga will provide self-care offerings and end-of-day dance, and T Salon will offer ELEANOR inspired tea throughout the day.


Thank you to our host committee: Blanche W. Cook, Clare Coss, Derek Anderson, Alex Lasky, Jillian Kelleher, Elisa Blynn, Colin Mahar





Music, invocation, introductions and welcomes by the team


Conversations with Eleanor biography author Blanche W. Cook


Share in the round: What is your prayer for world peace?


Round table discussions led by thinkers, artists and business minds around the topics that Eleanor stood for.



Lunch and optional LTV tour.



Creative workshops inspired by morning discussion.

  • • PODCAST PRODUCTION ; Kathie Russo, executive producer with Tina Brown of the podcast TBD by Wondery and producer of Alec Baldwin’s podcast “Here’s the Thing;”
  • • FLUFF T-SHIRTS; Elisa Blynn & Kym Canter, founder of sustainable fur fashion brand House of Fluff
  • • SILK SCREEN T-SHIRTS; Cannon Hersey
  • • PROJECTION; Peter Bill & Junchen Huang
  • • CANDLEMAKING; Led by Stripped Ego

Optional Sound Bath sponsored by HOSH Yoga


Eleanor inspired tea presented by T Salon


Share in the round, candle lighting & closing acknowledgements


Learn the dances that Eleanor loved to dance


Dance, drink and eat in the spirit of Eleanor



1 hour Yoga with HOSH


Breakfast, provided by the Fairway Restaurant


"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana, philosopher

ELEANOR Roosevelt was an independent force of nature, renegade among political elites and more than the “first lady of the world.”

Let us use Eleanor’s legacy to fuel a future based on decency, fairness and love in a time when division is tantamount.

Chairwoman of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt stood for the rights of all human beings to live respectful lives. Eleanor Roosevelt was a prolific writer, an advocate, a powerful speaker, a beacon of hope for the disenfranchised, and a woman who chose to self-identify despite the constraints of gender at the time. And like most powerful women, Eleanor Roosevelt was scrutinized to the T and loved beyond sure.



ELEANOR LIVES is the non-profit educational arm of the vision of Eleanor and born out ELEANOR, a TV show in development on Roosevelt herself based on the biography trilogy by the esteemed historian Blanche W. Cook. ELEANOR LIVES will tell Eleanor Roosevelt’s story to onsite and online audiences through the creation and distribution of education programs, live experiences and video content.

Our vision is that her story charges audiences, students and especially women, to find the inspirational fuel needed to imagine and engage new ways to stand for the broad issues that she stood for including Peace, Economic/Gender/Racial Equality, Environmental Stewardship and LGBTQ Rights.

And just as Eleanor did, we will deliver the work with vigor and hope in collaboration and partnership with a multitude of organizations, celebrities, writers and partners to insidiously inject the light of Eleanor’s spirit into the future.

Help Us Reach Our Goals

Help us reach our goals so we can develop education, experiences and content that inspire the spirit of Eleanor in all of us.

$50,000 May 11, 2019

These tax deductible funds will help us build infrastructure, team, partnerships and a network of funders and foundations.

$250,000 Sept 15, 2019

These tax deductible funds will support the hiring of additional staff to further develop and prepare regional educational pilots, events and content.

$350,000 Dec 31, 2019

These tax deductible funds will support the roll out of event and content pilots starting in January 2020.

We are currently setting up fiscal sponsorship. Please email us directly if you're interested in donating.


MARTHA WILLIAMS, PRODUCER & ADVISOR is an award-winning film writer/director, choreographer/multimedia artist and longtime change maker. She runs BugHouse Media, a culture shift agency that consults visionary businesses and shepherds in culture shifting projects like ELEANOR, The Red Tent & Run for Your Life. Early in her career, while she was developing her practice as a movement, theater and multimedia artist, Martha was also a student of anthropology (B.A. GWU), a sustainability activist and always a culture shifter at heart. In fact, she formed the NY Alliance for Sustainability with a cadre of cohorts and even co-produced the Interdependent Film Festival. She was involved in SVN, the Small Planet Fund and on the board of Pop Sustainability. Her first full-length theater piece at The Flea Theater was about the perils of fast food. She moved into the world of film in 2009, earned her MFA at CalArts and has been working as a freelance writer/director/creative director and consultant since with clients that include NeuroLeadership, Intel, Connoisseurs and more. She is also the creator of the BugHouse SPIN, a storytelling show and salon at KGB Bar from 2013-2015. Her latest work, a comedy about online dating called Run for Your Life, has 6 million views on YouTube and 20,000 subscribers.

CANNON HERSEY, PRODUCER & ADVISOR is a photographer, fine artist and organizer of large-scale cultural efforts.Hersey believes that as an artist, he has a role beyond the studio, working as an educator and organizer to address social change through art, media and education. Hersey has exhibited at numerous institutions and galleries including Lincoln Center’s Frieda and Roy Furman Gallery, the opening event of the 2008 Sao Paulo Bienale at the private collection of Kim Esteve, the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporic Arts (MoCADA), the New York Open Center, the Johannesburg Art Foundation, and the presidential award ceremony for Nelson Mandela at NYU.

DEREK ANDERSON, PRODUCER & ADVISOR, is a filmmaker and founder of The Halcyon Company which until recently owned the rights to the Terminator franchise and owns the Philip K Dick library. He has made films such as Terminator Salvation, In God We Trust and Cook Off. He is also a partner in Zirkova Vodka which gives 10% of it’s gross revenues to support charitable causes. Prior to working in the entertainment field Derek founded In The Mix, credited as the first 360 advertising agency. During this time he created breakthrough products, marketing and advertising for brands such as Calvin Klein, Dove, Axe, Johnny Walker, MAC and many others. He is a member of the New Yorker’s for Children Friend’s Committee as well as a founding member of The Edmont Society, the young fellows of the Pen American Center.

ALEX LASKY, PRODUCER & ADVISOR, a native New Yorker, is a long time media producer director and business maker, focused on connecting people through technology and storytelling. He's worked with the likes of Hillary Clinton, NRDC, Jack Welch, Comcast, Snoop Dogg, and Larry Clark to name and eclectic few.

He's produced numerous films, TV and web series and founded companies including bthere TV, Man and Wife TV, Addictive Networks and, three of which he's sold. Alex continues to ask, how can we use technology to enhance storytelling?

FRAZER DOUGHERTY, BRAINCHILD & PRODUCER, has always been a creative maverick and force of nature. He founded Public Access Television Station, LTV in early 80s and helped run it 15 years. He hosted more than 1,500, 2 hour HELLO HELLO SHOWS, talking mostly about PEG Access TV for East Hampton! For the last 10 years, Frazer has been President of Paradise Producers Productions which has the film & TV rights to Blanche Wiesen Cook’s 3 Volume Biography of Eleanor Roosevelt Before that, Frazer was the first test pilot for the flying car AIRPHIBIAN (autoPlane) in 1945. AIRPHIBIAN, is the first FAA licensed airplane and now sits in the Smithsonian Museum. Frazer has been married 3 times, has 4 children, 6 step children and 13 GREAT GRANDCHILDREN!

SYLVIA BARJOLO, ASSOCIATE PRODUCER is a professional actress, producer, and overall content creator focused on the significance of storytelling and empowering the voices of those who are most disenfranchised. Driven by a passion for positive social change, Barjolo is constantly exploring how the influence of storytelling can reach a wide audience in the modern formats of film, theatre, television and experiential events.

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